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The Power of the Gift Card

People love to give gift cards over any other gift. In a recent study*, we asked 2,000 consumers about gift cards and found over 50% of their annual gifting budget goes toward gift cards, with 40% preferring them over traditional gifts. Gift cards can help you grow your business.

Find Out How

Maximize Sales

The value of gift cards extends far past the initial sales revenue they generate.


Average amount consumers say they spend on purchasing a plastic gift card while the average spent on a digital card is $98.


Amount of budget consumers say they will spend on gift cards.


Of consumers spend more money than what was on their gift card.


Average amount consumers spend over the original value of a gift card.

Drive Foot Traffic & Increase Customer Base

Every gift card purchased and given as a gift is an opportunity for a merchant to introduce their business to a new customer who can become a long-term, loyal customer.


Of gift card recipients say they started shopping at a store more frequently after redeeming the card they received.


Of gift card recipients who say they would have never visited a particular store if they hadn't received a gift card.

Build Loyalty & Engage Customers

Use gift cards to incent and reward customers, issue store credits, for social media promotion and charity fundraisers, and to sell reloadable cards that link to loyalty programs.


Of customers are purchasing cards for themselves to earn loyalty points.


Of customers say they prefer to receive a gift card over a coupon or bonus as a reward for loyalty.


Of customers are reloading their physical and/or digital gift cards and the number is even higher with Gen Z reloading at 61% and Millennials at 47%.


Of customers say receiving a gift card is their preferred method of receiving store credit.


Yep, That's a Big Number!

With gift card sales in the U.S. predicted to reach $340 Billion in 2018, it pays to have your own gift card program. 1 Smart business owners should take the time to find a reputable provider to help them launch a gift card program that will make their holiday happier, more profitable, and more successful.

Grow Your Business with Gift Cards

Offer your customers the #1 most requested gifting option. Gift cards are a smart and affordable way to build your customer base and your business.

  • Increase foot traffic and sales with a cost-effective, secure way to reach customers
  • Reward customers, use gift cards as incentives to help drive purchase behavior
  • Build loyalty, issue gift cards as store credits to generate repeat sales
  • Go digital, make it easy for customers to interact with your brand anytime, anywhere via digital gift cards
  • Connect with customers, use gift cards for social promotions on Facebook/Instagram and as giveaways for store events

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